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The Sharpening Capabilities of Certified Sharpeners Are Extremely Varied

Here’s A Selection Of Products We Sharpen, With Links To The Appropriate Page

Swiss Pocket knife With Sharpened blade

From the humble paring knife to the finest Sushi blade or the pocket knife we sharpen them all to at least factory sharpness & finish. For domestic and professional chefs alike a keen edge makes preparation and then cooking much less of a chore.  Every time you pick up a knife that’s sharper than ever before you’ll benefit.

Knives: Click for Info
Close up photo of Convex Scissors

Hairdresser's scissors of all styles, makes and edge technology present no problem because we have the right machinery to get that perfect edge and further we are factory trained to use it correctly.
Dog groomers too will benefit from a better edge with reduced effort with both straight and curved shears (a shear is a long scissor)
Dressmakers need a keen edge, we can provide that and on pinkers too.
The more humble domestic, nail or nipper scissor will have its useful life extended by professional sharpening, don’t bin it before it’s been sharpened several times.

All Scissor Info Here
Double Bevel Sharpened Wood Chisel

We love sharpening wood chisels, the results and transformations are very rewarding for us and the user. Chisel sharpening by hand  is both tedious and time consuming. We undertake the job using specialised machinery so we can repair damaged chisels too for a small charge.  Block plane blades and spokeshaves can be given a new lease of life with a better edge.

Wood Working Tool Info
Planer Blades

We have a surface grinder designed to sharpen planer blades Removing precisley the minimum material to create a new edge is a bonus from longer blade life. You can expect us to follow the edge angle as supplied, but if you want 30° 25° or any other angle that’s not a problem, just ask.

More On Planer Blades
refurbished 30 year old hedge shears

Gardens never stop growing and need frequent control by the use of so many variations of tools, usually having a sharp edge somewhere. This common factor of ahaving an even sharper the edge on these tools is found in the easier is the work to be completed, the cleaner result  and the reward greater for less sweat and expended energy. Let us sharpen items from spades to secateurs, axes to hatchets, loppers to choppers.

Garden Tools More Info
Chainsaw Chain Sharpeing Grinder

We sharpen (by grinding) chain saw chains and recover those important angles for faster cutting and lower fuel consumption. So too Hedge Trimmers,  Mower blades, chippers and shredder Blades.

Garden Power Machinery: Info
placeholder image

There are few wood turning tools our Sorby ProEdge cannot return to an original factory specification

Wood Turning: More Info
Dagging Shears

Dagging Blades For Sheep and Show Animals


A5 Clipper Blades Sharpened 


A2 Horse and large animal Clipper blades Sharpened

Morso Blades Double Ended 1006 01 2161594376

Picture framing machine blades sharpened on our Surface Grinder

Morso Style Blades

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