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Clipper Blade Sharpening

Let Expert Blade Sharpening Reduce Your Effort
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Sharpening Large Animal Clippers


Sharpened for £6 per set

Sharpening Small Animal Clippers


Sharpened for £7 per set




400 - 6000




Pet Groomers
Horse Owners
Animal Show Enthusiast 

Sharpening with The Lightest Touch

Removing Minimal Metal

When we sharpen your A2 / A5 blades we remove the minimum material at every grind, giving you better blade life and less expense overall.

Sharpening Clipper Blades The Correct Way

We use a German Liscop machine with a high speed rotating specially profiled disc (a cone) designed and dedicated to clipper blade sharpening. This has micro grooves machined into its face - like an old style LP disc. Prior to use the disc is loaded with sacrificial lubricant and abrasive powder which produces the grinding surface. There are two forms of discs made, one specifically to suit pet blades (A5) and another to suit (A2) large animal blades - horse & cattle. We set the machime up to suit the task. Certified Sharpeners think this is a better approach than other machines that have one design suiting all blades but not maximising and the geometry and optimising performance. 

We can sharpen these famous brands and those from other suppliers too

The specialist machinery is used as using a simplle flat waterstone does not produce the most effective blade profile 

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Twice As Shap Scissor Sharpening Machine

The Specialist Grinder

Looks simple but in fact it’s not. The working surface has a domed profile and is a grooved aluminium disc, different configuration for Horse & Pet blades.  this machine hollow grinds clipper combs and cutters with great precision -  the blades are not ground flat unless they are off an adjustable clipper. Don’t ruin yours on a diamond hone.

Precision Thickness Guage

Enough and Not Too Much

The Ideal grind is to remove no more than 0.002” nor too little, not to get the work hot either. So we use a precision measuring device to give us the accuracy we need as to the amount removed. We measure before during and after the grind checking on completion for the value we seek.  This will indicte to us the number of grinds left on the blades.

Diamond Grining Wheel For The Okami Gold

The Hollow Grind

We grind in such a way  that results in a specific style of hollow grind. This to maximise the cutter life, minimise heat, chatter and efficacy of the cut from your clippers. Post gind the blades are washed in a degreaser and finally given a long spell in an ultrasonic cleaner using isopropanol alcohol so they’re clinically clean.

The Hira-To Convex scissor Sharpening Macine

The Reassembly

The clipper is chemically cleaned both in a wash and in an ultrasonic bath at 40°C+ then wiped in isopropanol (also known as  isopropyl or rubbing alcohol this is bactericidal, virucidal (for enveloped viruses, and variably fungicidal)and then compressed air blasted before reassembly to exacting tolerances

Semi Convex Scissors with the Micro Bevel seen

Tension Test

Horse clippers are tested on a Lister Star machine wich has a constant tension setting. With Pet blades there needs to be an accurate spring loading of the cutter on the comb, we use a dedicated device as seen here giving around 2.5 lbs force to produce a slide with a minimum and maximum settings. This results in longer blade life and quieter less stressed machine.

Macro Picture of Convex Scissors AO

Horse Or Pet?

We sharpen both large A2 and small clipper A5 blades and can rebuild Arco using genuine factory parts. 

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