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Why Use Certified Sharpeners?

Certified Sharpeners is a dedicated supplier of all manner of sharpening services both locally on a face to face basis, but also also operating as a distance supplier nationally by mail or carrier. Sharp & keen cutting edges are required on so many everyday items; the mundane presence of keenness is often overlooked and the extra effort used to cut will eventually become the new norm when bluntness prevails so does reduced efficiencies Yo don’t need proof that sharp tools make for a lower effort and a better outcome all round, sharp is also safer. For Hairdresser’s this reduces repetitive stress syndrome, their lively hood and business is dependent on not having painful carpel tunnel issues. Knives for cooks for meat and vegetable preparation that are sharp are a dream to use making food preparation far less of a chore, far more enjoyable . For the professional chef the knife is the primary tool, even before the pan. We offer ultra sharp edges on the most exotic or mundane knife too make their work easier faster and more profitable. Every gardener can luxuriate in secateurs that are more effortless in use, keener edged power hedge trimmer make for good business sense with the professional improving the look and speed of their work. Loppers, hatchets, lawn edgers, hedging shears or topiary scissors all work better with a high degree of sharpness and it’s our mission to supply that to them so as to make their work easier.

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Certified Shapeners' Capabilities

Our Sharpening capability and results obtained are founded on the use of highly specialist machinery. We are certified by the manufacturers of these machines by virtue of having many hours training in their theory and practice of their use by either the manufacturers or their local agents. The objective of this considerable investment in time, machinery and training is to achieve accurate and consistent results on each and every item, be it a wood chisel or a pair of very costly hairdresser’s scissor . We carefully measure angles and shapes and replicate the manufacturer’s specifications, or in some instances change these to suit the user’s specific needs. For instance many wood turners tend to have personal preferences from the norm and we can make their tools meet their exact expectations.

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How We Do What We Do

Using our dedicated training with our sophisticated machinery we are able to precisely sharpen a plethora of items with precision. Accurate sharp edge angles as per manufacture are replicated with care and attention per item. Sharpening is about a very fine line between blunt and not being so, with a thousandth of an inch or a degree in angle separating the two. Sharpening of Knives and seamstress' Scissors are worlds apart yet share certain characteristics, so too chain saws and wood chisels, dog grooming scissors and horse clipper blades. We undertake our sharpening with the right machinery, know how, experience, understanding, training and patience to get the right results.

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How much Does Sharpness Cost?

It takes considerably longer to put a precise edge on hairdressing scissors worth tens of hundred of pounds then say a pair of secateurs. Consequently our price list is long and varied - it has to be. Horse clippers are similar to pet trimmers but are sharpened to a different profile. Wood chisels vary from damaged, used as paint stirrers or almost perfect being mollycoddled by a protective craftsman, they vary in width too so the price will reflect that.
Knives come in many styles, so too quality and intended use. Some arrive needing a touch, some repair or considerable work, these are priced by the length, repairs (broken tips etc )are additional.
You’ll get the gist that our pricing is a variable thing, however our price list is a really good guide.

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"Can You Sharpen This?
Usually we can, we do and we have. 

Certified Sharpeners have invested significant amounts of capital in top quality purpose built and dedicated sharpening machinery. This together with factory level training by the manufacturers agents bought us top level skillsets to maximise use of these tools. All this effort and expense was undertaken to ensure we provide the widest spectrum of clients, be they hairdressers, professional chefs, dog groomers, joiners, carpenters at one end of the scale to the weekend gardener, the domestic cook or horse owner, hobby wood turner a reliable source of perfectly sharpened products. We constantly strive to produce that ultra sharp edge for clients from many trades, walks of life, pro, DIY and amateur. We trained with the factory’s technical representatives to be fully certified to utilise these machines to produce the perfect, keener edge. We source new technology as it becomes available to make sure we always provide that keener edge and the most competitive cost

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Top Quality

We are extremely confident about the excellence of our output as a result of dedicated industry training.


Customer Satisfaction

We are pleased to report that in our history we have customers that rave about our work, these testimonials reflect that.



In one busy week we sharpened  hundreds of items of so many shapes sizes and uses. Fast turn around and low prices.


Take Care Out There

Our skills and machinery produces sharp edges that cut with ease, however we do supply blue plasters with all sharpened knives, just in case.

Much More Than Just A Local Sharpening Service


We Sharpen It

+Using machines just like the manufacturers use, with training from them for best practice

Don’t Bin It Sharpen it

We Refurbish It

+We will Revitalise that favourite equipment you love to use save money doing it.

Lower cost than renewal

We Repair It

+Nicks, knocks and chips can be eradicated on old and damaged items, they cust better than new.

We Are All About Sharp Practice

The core of our business is putting a new edge on the widest range of equipment from Pro Hairdressing scissors to hedge trimmers, wood chisels and Twist Drills

Sharpened Twist drillCerified Sharpeener's LogoSharpening A Chisel Producing SparksBalancing a Newly sharpened Mower BladeScissor Half Showing a Shiny Ride LineFreshly Sharpened Wood Ahisel
Large and small scissors

Large Or Small We At Certified Sharpen Them All

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