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Woodworking Equipment

Sharpening The Chisel's Edge

Wood is nature’s most versatile material, especially when worked with cold hard sharp steel; and the sharper - the better

Sharpening Wood Chisels From £3.00

Sharpening Planer Blades  From £7.00

Sharpening Jack Plane Blades From £6.00

Sharpening Moulding Knives From £7.00

Sharpening Spoke Shaves From 7.00

Most woodworkers, joiners and carpenters have more than one or two types of chisels: firmer, bench, paring, mortise dovetail and so forth.
Bench chisels, the most common, have blades about 4–6" long, and can be struck with a mallet. They come with blades of either O1 steel, a soft grade that’s easier to sharpen, or A2, a harder alloy that holds an edge longer. Our base default is to sharpen bench chisels with a 25° bevel angle for best results on most woods. If you want us to to add a micro-bevel (a thin, secondary edge right at the tip that makes touch-up honing easier), then we will go with 30° for O1 steels and 35° for A2 if we can discern it’s A2 (usually is on expensive chisels).

Paring chisels should be used only for hand-guided work, never struck with a mallet. These chisels have 6–10"-long blades and excel at trimming and shaping wood rather than chopping. To make these types of cuts easier, we sharpen a 20° bevel on these chisels, adding a 25° micro-bevel should you want one, simply ask for your preference and we can meet your expectations.

Plane Irons Planer blades Jointer Blades
Our dedicated surface grinder is specifically designed to sharpen planer blades and similar items can be sharpened and will come off ourTormek T8 balanced as the dedicated jig, used for absolute precision and edge straightness sharpens the set identically. And of course it’s a wet grind so your blades keep that hardness & temper right to the very edge. We usually do these single bevel and match the as received angle. If you want a micro bevel - just ask.

Mitre Trimmer
Guillotine Blades as used by picture framers and other like trades can be sharpened using our special precision jig for the Tormek, giving you back that accurate clean cut of a new machine.

Of course there’s the many form of wood turning tools, we can sharpen those the Sorby machine (as made by the chisel / tool manufacturer Robert Sorby) using Sorby Jigs & Tools for accuracy and repeatability

Damage & repair incurs a moderate excess


Surface Grinder or Sorby


37 - 3000


Wet or dry


Professional Joiners


We Sharpen Picture Framer’s Guillotine Blades & Jointer Blades
On Our Dedicated Surface Grinder 


Wood Turning Tools

Using our Robert Sorby belt linishing machine we can return your woddturning tools to the factory angles or provide you with your preferred personal grind.
We can accommodate  long grinds too with the specialist jigs on the Sorby

Precision Matters

We grind to your chosen angles

Using the Tormek T8, the surface grinder or our Sorby Pro Sharp we can put almost any angle of grind on the edge of almost any chisel, plane iron or planer blade, large or small.
Typically the edge is sharpened and honed to 30° and the supporting grind is 25°
Morso and similar framer guillotine blades are done on our surface grinder, minimal materail is taken to produce the keen edge.

Your Shapened Edge Preferences Met

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