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Our Sharpening Service Guide Prices

Hairdresser’s Groomer’s thinners & Texturisers
Bevel Edge (“German” e.g Jaguar etc)             £8.00 pr.            3+ £7.00 pr.
Fully Convexed edge (“Japanese”)                   £11.00 pr.4+ £9.50 pr.
Groomers / Industrial Bevel Edge up to 6.5”.  £8.00 pr.

Bevel Edge more than 6.5”                                 £9.00 pr.
Curved Bevel Edge up to 6.5”                           £10.00 pr.
Curved Bevel Edge more than 6.5”                  £11.50 pr.

Convex Edge up to 6.5”                                    £11.00 pr.
Convex Edge more than 6.5”                           £13.00 pr.
Curved Convex Edge up to 6.5”                      £12.50 pr.
Curved Convex Edge more than 6.5”            £14.00 pr.

Micro Grooves (72 Grooves per inch)            £5.00 per edge For Groomers
Micro Grooves (48 Grooves per inch)           £6.00 per edge Industrial Use

Domestic Scissor Sharpening
Kitchen & General Purpose                                  £4.50 pr.+£4.50 for micro grooves
Hi End e.g Zwilling, Whitely                                 £7.50 pr.

Seamstress (including Fiskars orange handled)
up to 8”                                                                   £7.50 pr.+£4.50 for micro grooves
From 8-10”                                                              £9.50 pr.+£5.00 for micro grooves
From 10-12”                                                           £11.50 pr.+£6.00 for micro grooves
Pinking shears                                                     £10.00 pr.usually possible worth a try
Tailor’s shears 10-12”                                           £11.50 pr.

Miscellaneous Scissor Sharpening 
Embroidery / Nail£                                    4.50 pr.(Includes curved)
Florist's shears                                         £8.00 pr.
Poultry shears                                          £9.00 pr.              +£4.50 for 48TPI micro grooves
Paper Hangers                                       £9.50 pr.
Carpet Fitters                                         £10.50 pr.
Kevlar & Carbon                                      £10.00 pr.              +£4.50 for micro grooves
Swiss Army Knife / Scissors               £4.50 edge / pair.

Knife Steel Bladed priced per inch / 25mm including Global
Cold Underwater Stone Grind & power Hone & Polish

Under 100mm Long                                         £0.85 per inch
Repairs                                                               £2.00

From 101mm - 175mm Long                         £0.80 per inch
Repairs                                                               £2.50

From 176- 250mm Long                                 £0.70 per inch
Repairs                                                               £3.00

From 251mm + Long                                        £0.65 per inch
Repairs                                                               £4.00

All Damascus steel knives    
0.90 Diamond grind / hone £0.90

Typically we grind to 15° per side 30° total great for general purpose
We can give you almost any angle you specify
Ask for 14° or 13° or less for razor edge grind for Vegetable Prep etc
We are unable to sharpen ceramic items

Heavies & Others
Cleavers                                                                  £7.00
Heavy breaking knives from                               £7.00
Sheath, Lock, Survival, Pen - from                     £8.00
Swiss Army Knife (19°/38°edge)                      £4.00
Cutlery/steak knives from                                  £3.00
Robo / Moulinuex Cutter blades                        £6.00
Mezzaluna Knives for herbs                              £6.50.
(curved 2 handles AKA Moon Knives).
Kebab / Salmon knives                                      £7.00

A2 Horse Clippers                                  £7.50 pr           6+ £6.00pr
A5 Pet Clippers                                        £8.50 ea         6+ £7.50ea
*Moser (Wahl) Arco Clippers*.             £18.50 ea.   5-9  £15.50     10 plus £14.50 ea

Unlike the public we have access to new factory Wahl components from Wahl.
These are totally rebuilt using NEW genuine Wahl platforms, springs and cutters.
The comb is sharpened on our Heiniger machine

Dagging (bow) Clippers                        £6.50ea pair
Sorry We are NOT equipped to sharpen sheep shears properly

Hand tools
Secateurs  Bypass / Anvil                                                              £4.50
New Torus Spring fitted                                                                 £2.00
Sickle                                                                                               £4.00
Scythe                                                                                              £6.00
Bill Hooks                                                                                        £7.00*
Hand Hedge Shears                                                                      £4.00 sharpening edge only
Hand Hedge Shears refurbish                                                     £7.00 includes sharpening
Long Handled lawn Edging Shears                                            £5.00 re-edge only
Long Handled lawn Edging Shears Refurb                                £8.00
Long Handled Loppers                                                                 £7.00
Long Handled Loppers refurbish                                                 £9.00
Long Handled Loppers geared / ratchet                                   £10.00
These always seem to need refurbish: clean, new tension washers - if req’d
Dutch Hoe                                                                                         £2.00
Half Moon edger                                                                              £5.00
Felling axe                                                                                         £9.00
Hatchet / Hand Axe Sharp Edge                                                   £5.00
Splitters Convex Edge - polished body                                         £7.00
Powered Tools
Chainsaw Chain sharpening, off the bar please
*badly damaged chains will remove more steel & may be more costly
Ground finish not filed there are discounts for several
<53 Drive Links (14” bar) *from£                                                  £4.00
>53 Drive Links (16”+ bar) *from                                                  £5.00
4.7 Brush Cutter Blade Steel                                                          £5.50 - £8.00  3 to 8 edge
Rotary Mower Blades From                                                            £5.00
Shredder Blades Domestic From                                                  £3.50 ea. dependent on style 
Professional Shredder Blades From                                             £6.50 ea. dependent on style

Power Hedge Trimmers
Singe sided 500mm                                                                       £10.00 One Cutter Blade
Singe sided 501≥700mm                                                              £15.00 One Cutter Blade
Singe sided Double Action up to 500mm                                   £10.00 Two Opposed Cutter Blades
Singe sided Double Action 501≥700mm                                    £15.00 Two Opposed Cutter Blades
Double sided Single action 500mm                                            £20.00 One Cutter Blade Per Side
Double sided Single action 501 ≥ 700mm                                 £25.00 One Cutter Blade Per Side
Pro Style Single Sided ≈800mm                                                  £33.00 Two Opposed Cutter Blade
Pro Style Double sided ≈800mm                                                 £44.00 Two Opposed Cutter Blades

Wood Chisels & Planes
We normally grind double bevels to the following the suggested angles by Sorby who are chisel makers
Softwood 1st Grind  @ 20° cutting edge & Hone to 25°
Hardwood 1st Grind @ 25° & cutting edge & hone to 30°
Or to your specific angles if you advise your preferences.
All facets finished to a high polish and strippable wax coated for protection  

Wood Chisel under 1”                            £4.00
Repair                                                   + £2.00

Wood Chisel 1"                                     £5.00
Repair                                                  +£2.50

Wood Chisel 1¼" & 1½"                     £6.00
Repair                                                  +£3.50

Wood Chisel 1¾”                                £7.00
Repair                                                 +£4.00

Wood Chisel 2”                                  £8.00
Repair                                               +£4.50

Block Plane Iron up to 1.5”             £6.00
Block Plane Iron 1.5“ to 2”            £7.00

Spokeshaves demountable blade£7.00
Spokeshaves vintage style blade£8.00

Profile (flat) Insert Planer Blades, Shaper Blades, Jointer Blades
£9.00 per pair plus £0.65p per 25mm to sharpen or if damaged £0.77p per 25mm

Note original angle followed on regrind, 13mm wide minimum blade, disposable blades are usually 3mm thick, these are matched ground sizes including damaged to make 2 identical cutters this for balance & ease of set up

Moulding Knife Blades£8.00

Fingernail Bowl Gouge                                             £3.50                  45°
Standard Profile Spindle Gouge                             £3.50                  45°
Roughing Gouge                                                       £3.50                  45°
Parting Tool                                                               £4.50                  20° x 20°
Skew Chisel                                                              £5.00                   15° x 15° x 60°
Scraper                                                                      £3.5080°

Long Grind + £1.50
Extra Long + £2.00

The above are Sorby standard angles - if you require something different just ask

Twist Drills
4 Facet finish standard angles and wide 90°-150° to suit your materials
Carbon or HSS.

>5-6mm                                  £2.00
>6.5-13mm                            £3.00
>13.5-22mm                          £4.00

Damaged drills can be rescued for little cost
4 facet is a perfect point rather than the typical 2 facets this eliminates oval holes and drill wander on hole start. True clearance angle is generated to match the point angle chosen
These are wet ground, with a precision  jig, no loss of hardness or temper

Tin Snips                                       £4.00
Hand lever shear / Guillotine    Enquire & advise size

NOT THERE? We can’t list everything that undergoes Sharpening as you will understand.

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