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Sharpening Of Garden Tools

A Sharp Cutting Edge makes Trimming The Hedge easier & quicker.
Nature is relentless, you need all the help you can get to make it to conform to your wishes. Much of the time this control calls for cutting in one form or another. So sharpen it up and it can litrally become a no sweat scenario. Hand tools or power tools we can help you make it happen with a lot less effort than before.

Refurbished Hedge Shears

Garden Shears: Sharpened

Trimming the hedge can be therapeutic, but no joy can be had if the shears are blunt. It turns into hard manual labour. So at least once a year get yourself a whole new edge to cut the hedge with greater ease.

Sharpening Shears From £3.00

Power hedge trimmer blades

Hedge Trimmers: Sharpened

Sharpened Trimmers cut like a breeze, we can sharpen single & double sided machines, petrol or electric or battery (batattery 

Sharpening Trimmers From £20

Sharp Felling Axe

Loppers & Choppers : Sharpened

Long handled loppers, short handled hatchets or a well balanced felling axe, along with splitters and other kit to keep the home fires burning will benefit from some TLC and a sharpened edge

Sharpening Hatchets From £4.00

Sharpening Loppers From £6.00

Garden Shredder Plate Showing Blades

Shredders: Sharpened

Many with large gardens use shredders and chippers to reduce bulk and prepare the brashings and branches for compost. Those blades work better when they’re as sharp as they can be. Take them out of the machine and let us refinish them to be at least as good as new

Shredder Blades From £3.00


Tormek T8
Sorby Proedge
82” x   2” Belt 


37 - 1000




Professional Gardeners

So Much To Do In The Garden With Sharp Tools

Sharp Gardening Equipment Reduces Your Effort & Time

So many gardening items are used to cut through everthing out there in nature’s theatre, the sharper these pieces of equipment are the faster and cleaner you work

We Sharpen A Wide Range of Items Used In The Garden

From sharp mower blades making for a better looking lawn to faster deadheading of those roses, we will help you cut through your workload faster and smoother, no two mention with less strain on the wrist from the newly sharp secateurs
There’s a vast list of items Certified Sharpeners sharpen for gardening enthusiasts or those who just want to hack at the encroaching  the undergrowth with more ease.
We sharpen hedging shears, hedge cutters, long handled pruners and lawn edge shears, chainsaw chains, secateurs, lawn mower blades (and balance) small trimmers, topiary trimmers. We bring a cutting edge up on axes - felling and hatchets, one hand trimming shears, hoes, machetes , hedging bill hooks along with Irish (hook type) slashers and Dunse style slashers, scythes, sickles Shingle and Riving Froes (a form of wood splitter) and even the humble spade.

Chainsaw Chain Grinder

Chains: Sharpened

Many users sharpen their chainsaw chain with a file and effective as that is occasionally a precision sharpening grind will recover those critical angles. This will improve cutting performance, producing bigger chips, so less dust, and fuel usage. Overall increase the life of bar, sprocket, clutch and the motor itself.

Chainsaw Chains From £3.00

lawnmower blade anatomy

Mower Blades: Sharpened

Don’t thrash your lawn with a dull blade sharpened to the wrong angle and possibly unbalanced too. We can refinish the edge as new and refurb and ballance too. We even add clearance to the cutting edge for a better lokking sharper cut - see below about mower blade sharpening in detail

Mower Blades From £4.50

niwaki secateurs

Secateurs: Sharpened

Sharp secateurs are a joy to use, we can keep them sharp for you and clean them up at the same time. 

Secateur Sharpening From £3.00

Sharp bill hook

Billhooks: Sharpened

The trusty billhook is an old hedging tool that has changed little, when yours needs a new edge to help you hedge you’ll find one we have given it some attention it’s do a better job than before

Billhooks From £6.00

And there’s so many more garden tools we can sharpen

Here’s a sample of items that bring you the benefit of a sharper edge. We could have included spades, half moon lawn edge tools, wood splitters, brush cutters, long handled lawn edgers Dutch hoe, sickels & scythes, and so on.

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