Hairdresser's scissros

From High End Hairdresser’s to humble Domestic Types, Industrial, Groomers, Tailoring we can do them all

Quality Chef's knifeKnife Sharpening

Chef’s knives, Cook’s knives, Japanese, Damascus Long or short, sharpend and if need be repaired 

A5 Clipper BladeClipper Sharpening

A2 (Horse) & A5 (Pet) clipper Blades Sharpened

Hedging ShearsGarden Tools

Hedge shears, Hedge cutters, Secatuers, Mower blades, Splitters, Hatchets, Lawn  Edgers and all manner of edge tools used in the garden

Wood Chisel EdgeWood Working Tools

Razor’s edged chisels and plane blades from old and damaged items are everyday sharpeninh work for us. 

Gouges, Parting tool & ScrapersWood Turning Tools

Using our Robert Sorby Machine we can duplicate factory edges or your choice

Much More Than Just A Local Sharpening Service


We Sharpen It

+Using machines just like the manufacturers use, with training from them for best practice

Don’t Bin It Sharpen it

We Refurbish It

+We will Revitalise that favourite equipment you love to use save money doing it.

Lower cost than renewal

We Repair It

+Nicks, knocks and chips can be eradicated on old and damaged items, they cust better than new.

We Are All About A Sharp Practice

The core of our business is putting a new edge on the widest range of equipment from Pro Hairdressing scissors to hedge trimmers, wood chisels 

Sharpened Twist drillHorse ClippersSharpening A Chisel Producing SparksBalancing a Newly sharpened Mower BladeScissor Half Showing a Shiny Ride LineFreshly Sharpened Wood Ahisel
Large and small scissors

Large Or Small We At Certified Sharpen Them All

Simple Marker


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