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Then There’s More than Just Sharpening in Our Workshop 

While we sharpen chef’s knives hairdresser's scissors, and other professional’s items and tools we also work on more mundane items and we don’t just sharpen them. We refurbish items when asked or needed, we also sharpen after repairing many things such as wood chisels and secateurs. Older items may need some renovation, and many bring us items from yesteryear that will respond to some TLC. Misuse is common, wood chisels used to open paint cans are a favourite, hedge trimmers having inevitable cut hedging wire and pinking shears that no longer “pink” after years of use.
We do it locally and we do it nationally. Having the equipment scissor manufacturers use in their factories for production and on which have received training of its use we are well able to put an edge on the hairdressers scissors so they no longer have to send them to Germany or Japan. We use the Swedish Tormek T8, knowing we cannot find a better machine for its many uses, so too with our Sorby ProEdge a machine based on more than a century of production of edged tools.

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Wherever You Are Located

If you have an address within 3 miles of SY4 3PL then for a small fee we can collect and return. We can and do undertake work at up to 10 miles from base for a  nominal fee or for free if there is a group of items to sharpen 

If we are not here simply Leave your items in our dropbox alongside the workshop, (we will give you the lock code when you advise us of your items) and collect when we advise they’re re edged to your requirements.
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If you have a need of immediacy give us a call and we can prioristise your work if we are here in the workshop, you will get a seat and a cup of coffee as a bonus

We are lucky to be Sharpening in the rural greenery of Shropshire. If you are located at some distance from us we offer a remote sharpening service throughout country. If you have a UK post code you have a “local” sharpener.

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Advice On Keeping Some Sharp Edges

To keep a sharp edge on a knife good ones are not cheap so they’re worth the effort

Cut On The Right Medium

The surfaces that you choose to use for cutting directly affect the condition of your knives. You want to avoid hard or metal surfaces, such as stainless steel, granite and aluminium. On the other hand, cutting on wood, plastic or polyethylene is usually just fine. You are likely to be safe as long as you are using a cutting board made out of the proper materials.

Wash Them by Hand

Many people put their sharp knives in the dishwasher without a second thought. While this might seem like a great way to get your knives properly clean, the barrage of heat, water and detergent across your blades dulls them quickly. Instead, take the time to thoroughly wash your knives by hand. Although it is good practice to sharpen your knives before each and every use, washing them by hand should help them to retain a sharper edge for longer periods of time.

Store Your Knives Properly

In addition to throwing knives in the dishwasher, some homeowners also put their good knives in with many other kitchen utensils in the ‘knife drawer” But it’s best if your knives have a dedicated storage spot all to themselves. You can dedicate a whole drawer just to your knives. Wooden blocks or knife inserts for drawers are a good investment being ideal for storage. Many private and commercial kitchens use a magnetic wall mounted strip so that their knives are available for quick access with almost zero chance of edge damage. A magnetic system is not really ideal for homes with little children or pets.

Taking Care of Your Knives

When you take the time to take care of your knives, then you are less likely to run into problems, such as when ingredients tear when you are trying to slice them. Knives are a very important part of food preparation . Like any other tool that you use around your home, you need to make sure they are in good condition so as to produce the results you seek. Keep your knives sharp, store them properly and use them on the appropriate surfaces, they will serve you for much longer. It is good practice after we have sharpened your knife, rinse it with water (stay away from that edge - use a brush) and dry it with a soft towel, this to remove any excess metal shavings that we may have missed.
Enjoy the new sharpness of your blades and experience the results in easier preparation.


The only way to help your scissors keep their edge is to clean them after use.
Cutting aluminium foil will not sharpen them, adjusting the screw ever more tightly may well hasten their eventual demise.
Never sharpen them from the inner faces, that will turn them into so much scrap metal. If your scissors are quality take them to a professional sharpener, if you are skilful with a abrasive stone you may get a slight improvement, but it has damage risks.
If you use scissors in your work - slash but go to a pro to get them sharpened 

Hedge Shears

Clean after use - each and every time, spray with WD40 or similar and store, when the edge has gone use a file from the top only or better yet go to a pro for a few pounds you will have a real ground edge at the right cutting angle.

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