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The Sharpening Capabilities of Certified Sharpeners Are Extremely Varied

Here’s A Selection Of Our Sharpening Capabilities, With Links To The Appropriate Page
There Are Very Many Many Other Items We Can Sharpen

Swiss Pocket knife With Sharpened blade

From the humble paring knife to the finest Sushi blade, we sharpen them all to at least factory finish, for domestic and professional chefs alike. Make cooking less of a chore every time you pick up that knife that’s sharper than ever before.

Knives: More Info
Close up photo of Convex Scissors

Hairdresser's scissors of all styles, makes and edge technology present no problem becuase we have the right machinery to get that perfect edge and we are factory trained. Correctly sharpened scissors are know to reduce your Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) risk via the easier, softer touch derived from a perfect edge . A significant reduction in effort each and every day will do nothing but good in the long run. And of course we can sharpen all manner of domestic, industrial and seamstress scissors too. 

Scissors: More Info
Double Bevel Sharpened Wood Chisel

We love sharpening wood chisels, the results and transformations are very rewarding. Undertaking chisel sharpening by hand  is both labourius, tedious and time consuming. We undertake the job using specialised machinery so we can repair damaged chisels too for a small charge.  Sharpened or repaired we diamond hone every one to your chosen angles, ususally 25° / 30°. Chisel backs are flattened to get the perfect edge. 

Wood Working: More Info
4 facet Twist drill point held in sharpening jig

Large twist drills are not inexpensive Broken damaged or blunt we will grind to suit the duty, be it jobbing or difficult materials using the right point angles and finish with a 4 flank point with perfect clearance.

Twist Drills: More Info
refurbished 30 year old hedge shears

Gardens never stop growing and need frequent control by the use of so many variations of tools. The common factor is the sharper the edge on these tools the easier is the work and the reward greater for less sweat and expended energy. Ler us sharpen items from spades tto secateurs, axes to powered hedge trimmers, loppers to bonsai shears.

Garden Tools More Info
Chainsaw Chain Sharpeing Grinder

We sharpen (by grinding) chain saw chains and recover those important angles for faster cutting and lower fuel consumption. So too mower blades, chippers  and shredders.

Garden Power Machinery: Info
Flat Balde Screw driver And Slot Headed Screw

Scribers and screwdrivers will benefit from some attention so to bolsters, cold chisels tin snips, guillotine blades and scrapers

Work Shop Tool: More Info
placeholder image

There are few wood turning tools our Sorby ProEdge cannot return to an original factory specification

Wood Turning: More Info

It’s not what we do it’s the way that we do it

Sharpening Methodology

We use diamond and other abrasives right down to 8000 grit to produce the best  and sharpest edge to suit your needs.

Rubbing metal on a rough stone goes back to the Bronze Age. Now it’s more sophisticated and mechanical. With that comes a very wide choice of nstural and synnthetic abrasives to suit the differing materials we’re presented with. Machine choice to matters too, for sharpening with accuracy and repeatability means sophisticated machinery, unfortunately these machines are not inexpensive and the cost of sharpening some items reflect that. We have several different machines designed and dedicated to specific tasks and items to finish grind, you’ll find references to these here, or on other parts of the Certified Sharpener’s website

Grinding produces a ragged edge and a burr of metal on the opposite side from the last grind executed to sharpen the item. This burr must be removed and the fine lines left in the metal by the abrasive polished out - this is called honing. Rough cutting items (axe etc)  are simply de-burred with a ddiamond file, some sharpened edges such as a chef's knife or upmarket convexed or bevel edge scissors are honed with things like 6000 grit whetstones, leather strop wheels, diamond polishing compounds or hard compressedpaper wheels fitted to high speed polishing machine. The hone is the final edge producing activity, and can take some and practice time to be done well.

The final act is a polish on our plain mops to remove some of the material we have used to sharpen and hone. Having said that if it’s an item used for food wash it before use as a matter of good practice,

Every single item we sharpen is given some form of meaningful test, knives must cut paper by slicing, scissors must cut appropriate materials, industrial materials like Kevlar™ soft cloth, human hair or wet single ply tissue in the case of hairdressing scissors, chisels must pare wood cleanly with minimal effort, just as plane blades shave, axes chop and so on and so forth.

Sparks Fly as a Wood Chisel Is Sharpened on The Sorby Machine

The Paper Test For Sharpness

Few simple tests for knife sharpness are equal to the simple cutting of paper with the fresh edge. A smooth cut denotes no nicks nor rough edge was discernable, the slightest nick in the blade shows up immediately 

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